"Place before your eyes as models for imitation, not the weak and cowardly, but the fervent and courageous."

See what our friends are saying about St. Ignatius School...

 “My wife and I believe that St. Ignatius School makes a significant difference and changes the outcome of its students’ lives. When we initially got involved with the school, we started to learn about the daily challenges faced by families in the South Bronx. We also learned that attendance at St. Ignatius School greatly increases the odds of children from these families getting to college. These students are smart and want to do big things; they want to “set the world on fire”. Their great aspirations, coupled with the excellent education provided at SIS, pave the way for a positive future. My wife and I prioritize St. Ignatius School because we truly believe that these are deserving students who will make most of the opportunities the school offers them.”
-Brian Hull, SIS Donor, Client Advisory Group, Wealth Management Americas, UBS 

“I’ve witnessed first-hand the transforming work that occurs at St. Ignatius School every day.  Students find a sense of belonging at St. Ignatius School which allows them to set their sights on academic success and meet rigorous learning outcomes.  This happens because teachers care about them and expect them to succeed.  The result is graduates who earn their way to great high schools and are confident of their gifts and skills.  At Fordham Prep, we are blessed to welcome St. Ignatius alumni, and to partner with the school’s leaders to advance their mission of Jesuit education for students who most need our help.”
-Rev. Christopher Devron, S.J., President, Fordham Preparatory School

“Pedro de Ribadeneira, an early Jesuit, wrote: “All the well-being of Christianity and the whole world depends on the proper education of youth.” Nowhere is that more true than in Hunts Point where boys and girls need to work so hard to succeed. For almost 20 years, St. Ignatius School has been providing that quality, values-filled education that sets children free to exercise their talents, imagine great accomplishments, and make them reality. Student by student St. Ignatius School changes Hunts Point for the better!”
-Rev. Philip Judge, S.J., President, Regis High School

“The founders of our school decided to name our school after St. Ignatius. Towards the beginning of school opening the teachers taught kids in a neighborhood where most people assumed that nothing bright would come out of such a community. At SIS we never stop learning… St. Ignatius had to go back to elementary school when he was in his tirties. Like him, we learn something at SIS every day. Knowledge is a big part of life and of SIS. As a school community we shine BRIGHT.”
-Romaris – St. Ignatius Graduate ’14

“The theme for Ignatian Spirit Week is to ‘set the world on fire in faith, service, and knowledge’. At SIS, we don’t have to go that far. We can reach out to our Hunts Point community and we do so by praying together, attending mass together, and cleaning the neighborhood. This way we ignite their hearts and ours.”
-Ariana – St. Ignatius Graduate ’14

“My time at St. Ignatius was amazing. In the past I was sort of just attending school because I had to. St. Ignatius was different; I was actually excited to go to school every morning. In part because the people there made the experience special. It was very small and concentrated so I didn’t feel as if I was a number. It prepared me for college in a sense, because the faculty showed me how serious and important it was to do your best, to go above and beyond. I try my best to exemplify magis in every way possible.”
– Samuel Carrasco – St. Ignatius Graduate ’08

“St. Ignatius was basically my second home where I got to spend time with close friends that I made. Going to a Jesuit middle school and institution really prepared me to carry out the Jesuit values at Xavier. St. Ignatius provided me a chance that many other kids in and around the Hunts Point area were not able to receive for various reasons and for that I am extremely fortunate. St. Ignatius School meant a whole lot to me and I felt successful when I walked down the aisle at St. Athanasius Church at my graduation. I can honestly say that if it were not for St. Ignatius, I would not be on my way to tackle my senior year at Xavier High School.”
– Dennis Muentes – St. Ignatius Graduate ’10

“Jesuit schools have endeavored to create “men and women for others.” Everyone at St. Ignatius School – adults and students alike – is engaged in that pursuit. It’s a truly inspiring place that serves as a model of educational and personal excellence.”
– Nelson Ritter, Religious Education, Fordham Prep

“St. Ignatius School is in the business of changing lives. All it takes is one visit to understand how important SIS is in the lives of these children. After a few hours I understood what the young lady giving me a tour meant when she said, “I don’t know what I would do without SIS.” It is hard to conceive of a more Jesuit work!”
– Rev. Vincent L. Biagi, S.J.

“As Test Preparation Coordinator for SIS, I am awed by the drive, focus and maturity of the students. SIS has found a way to recognize and promote the strengths and determination of each and every child. The administrators and teachers not only catalyze academic motivation, but confidence, compassion and high-level thinking as well. SIS serves as a model for developing tomorrow’s most successful and thoughtful leaders.”
– Tricia Agosta – SIS Test Preparation Coordinator

“St. Ignatius School is a beacon of hope in Hunts Point. The school transforms the lives of its students by giving them a first-rate education in a warm, loving atmosphere and by expanding the horizons of their dreams. St. Ignatius School lights a fire in its students that will never be quenched: they dream big dreams and they are given the educational background that enables them to turn their dreams into reality – accomplished, productive, rewarding, and service-oriented lives.”
– Joseph P. Parkes, S.J. – President of Cristo Rey Harlem

“Fordham Preparatory School is both blessed and thrilled to work with St. Ignatius School on a variety of service, retreat, and academic projects. The Jesuit ideal of doing all things for the greater glory of God without counting the cost is evident in every student and staff member at SIS. You all are an inspiration to us and we look forward to collaborating with you for many years to come. All the best!”
– Paul Homer – Director, Christian Service Program – Faculty, Department of Religious Studies – Fordham Preparatory School

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